Research areas of interest    ELECTROCHEMISTRY & POLYMER SCIENCE

             Insitu spectroelectrochemical studies



Insitu UV-Visible spectroelectrochemical studies on the     initial stages of   copolymerization  of aniline with diphenylamine -4- sulphonic acid

Ten-Chin Wen, Li-Ming Huang and A.Gopalan  Electrochim. Acta, 46, 1071 (2001)  OSSIBLE TO IDENTIFY THE INTEMIDIATES FORMEDDURING THE COPOLYMERIZATION



      Electrochromic analysis



           Identification of electrochromic sites in PDPA using  a novel absorbance – potential –wavelenght profile     C-Y.Chung, T.C.Wen and

           A.Gopalan    Electrochim.Acta, 47, 423-431(2001)

         Electrodeposition of conducting polymers by pulse method




      Electrochemical synthesis  of sulfur-sulfur link containing polyanilines




      Electronic properties of conducting polymers

              Structural influence on electronic properties of methoxy substituted polyaniline/aluminum Schottky barrier diodes,

              Li-Ming Huanga, Ten-ChintheWen,, A. Gopalan, Fan Ren,

             Materials Science and Engineering B104 (2003) 88–95



Schottky diode with a lower barrier height than PANI could be made with methoxy substituted  polyanilines, POMA and PDMA

The presence of methoxy

groups in the polymers

influence the barrier height

and other electronic properties

Electronic and junction properties of poly(2,5-dimethoxyaniline)–polyethylene oxide blend/metal Schottky diodes

Li-Ming Huang, Ten-Chin Wen, A. Gopalan

Thin Solid Films 473 (2005) 300– 307


          Electrochromic display device



          Light Emitting Electrochemical cells