Name of the authors Title of the article Published Journal Reference

Kavitha, Thangavelu; Gopalan, Anantha Iyengar; Lee, Kwang-Pill; Park, Soo-Young

Glucose sensing, photocatalytic and antibacterial properties of graphene-ZnO nanoparticle hybrids


(2012), 50(8), 2994-3000

Chung, Da-Jung; Oh, Sang-Hyu; Komathi, Shanmugasundaram; Gopalan, Anantha Iyengar; Lee, Kwang- Pill; Choi, Seong-Ho

One-step modification of various electrode surfaces using diazonium salt compounds and the application of this technology to electrochemical DNA (E-DNA) sensors

Electrochimica Acta

(2012), 76, 394-403

M. Francklin Philips, Anantha Iyengar Gopalan, Kwang-Pill Lee

Development of a novel cyano group containing electrochemically deposited polymer film for ultrasensitive simultaneous detection of trace level cadmium and lead

Journal of Hazordous Materials

237-238, 46-54, 2012

Kwang-Pill Lee, Se-Hee Lee, S.Komathi  and A. Gopalan

Preparation of Co/Pd alloy particles dispersed multiwalled carbon nanotube supported nanocatalysts via gamma irradiation

Radiation Chemistry and Physics

(81, (9), 1422-1425

A. Gopalan, Kyung Ryeo Ko, Se-Hee Lee, S. Komathi, Miklos Veres, and Kwang-Pill Lee

Radiation induced preparation of new multifunctional nanobiowebs

Radiation Chemistry and Physics

(81, (9), 1407-1410254

Thanjam, I. Starlet; Philips, M. Francklin; Lee, Kwang-Pill; Gopalan, A. I

Preparation of poly(4-aminodiphenylamine)/silver nanoparticles composite and catalysis

Journal of Material Science : Materials in Electronics

(2012), 23(3), 807-810

Hyun Kyu Lee, Young Ho Kim, MD. Abu Sayeed, Younjin Park, A.I. Gopalan, Kwang-Pill Lee, and Sang-June Choi

Enhanced Dispersion of Carbon Nanotubes with HDTMA in a NafionŽ Membrane for Fuel Cell Applications

Journal of Nanoelectronics and Optoelectronics

7 (5), 564-568, 2012

Se-Hee Lee, D. Ragupathy, A. Gopalan, and Kwang-Pill Lee

Development of novel catalysts by g-irradiation induced distribution of Pt-Sn nanoparticles onto multiwalled carbon nanotubes

Journal of Nanoelectronics and Optoelectronics

7 (5), 544-548, 2012

Young Ho Kim, Hyun Kyu Lee, MD, Abu Sayeed, Younjin Park, A.I. Gopalan, Kwang-Pill Lee, and Sang-June Choi

Preparation of a MPTMS linked MWCNT/NafionŽ Nanocomposite Membrane for Direct Methanol Fuel Cells

Journal of Nanoelectronics and Optoelectronics

7 (5),517-521, 2012

M.Francklin Phillips, Kwang-Pill Lee, and A.Gopalan

Palladium nanoparticles loaded  poly(diphenylamine-co-3-aminobenzonitrile): A new oxygen reduction electrocatalyst for fuel cells

Journal of Nanoelectronics and Optoelectronics

7 (5), 549-553, 2012